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Searching for your perfect tiffany lamp can bring you into a world of unique and elegant styles. Tiffany Style lamps are so varied and different that it helps to know and understand ahead of time some of the challenges and decisions you may encounter. Shades of Tiffany can be as different and unique as each lamp itself. Mr. Tiffany took bits of pieces of glass from his famous stained glass windows and teamed up with Thomas Edison to make them into the first electrical lamps.

This cooperative venture would set him apart from all the others manufacturing lamps for years to come. He made all different kinds of lamps from desk lamps, to floor lamps, chandeliers, and any other type of lamp that can be imagined. The lamps themselves have been around since the 1800s. His lamp shades, in particular, were reflective of the nature in which he derived his inspiration from. He used plants, flowers, and insects, most notably the infamous dragonfly.

He tried to recreate the colors, the look and the feel of what he saw around him. As a result, he used his creative ingenuity to distinguish his work from all the others by trying to create the visual reality in glass of what he saw in nature. Not limiting himself to flat or plain shades but gave each a sense of dimension and character. Most Tiffany Shades can be categorized into seven different types. The Flowered Globe and Favrile, Transition to Flowers, Flowered Cone, Irregular Upper Border, Irregular Lower Border and the Geometric.
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